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William Lloyd Garrison :: essays research papers

William Lloyd Garrison: Uncompromise During Times of Compromise      William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879) was an American writer ...

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

William Lloyd Garrison :: essays research papers

William Lloyd Garrison: Uncompromise During Times of Compromise      William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879) was an American writer and resolved abolitionist. Battalion got renowned during the 1830s for his firm condemnations of bondage.      Garrison carried on a pained adolescence. His family lived in neediness. Also, his dad was an alcoholic, and when Garrison was three years of age, his dad abandoned his family and never returned. In this manner, with the nonappearance of an empowering father figure in his life, Garrison would endeavor to pick up acknowledgment somewhere else.      Effected constantly Great Awakening, Garrison formed into a very insightful and strict man. Army accepted that servitude was a wrongdoing and was an unfairness. In 1831, he started distributing the Liberator, a powerful paper that eagerly stimulated savage open response in both the North and the South. Notwithstanding, the abolitionists of Garrison's time were a minority. The Liberator, distributed until 1865, never had in excess of 3,000 supporters, and it never made a benefit. In this way, any reasonable person would agree that Garrison's objective was not to get prosperous through this distribution.      Garrison utilized his strict, abolitionist perspectives to hoist himself into fame. He needed individuals to hear his perspectives. Because of his abolitionist causes, Garrison announced, 'I am in earnest—and I won't equivocate—I won't excuse—I won't retreat a solitary inch—and I will be heard.';      Garrison illuminated Americans with his philanthropic sensibilities, however his thought processes were not unselfish. He needed individuals to agree with him, yet he didn't offer any medication to facilitate the injuries of racial strain. His multitudes of partners developed, however this was slow. By and by, with no genuine proposals on how the subjugation issue could be settled, he acknowledged the Civil War as important.

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Benefits Of Outsourcing To Host Country

Advantages Of Outsourcing To Host Country Despite the ongoing worldwide monetary downturn, the overall business redistributing market has accomplished gigantic development, According to one of celebrated International venture consultancy firm known as McKinsey Company predicts that the interest for re-appropriating administrations will get $230 billion by in 2011 from entire universes and it will develop and by 10.5 percent (compound yearly development rate.). In the present business world numerous enormous associations are redistributing different occupations for instance call focus administrations, finance, email administrations, Business Process Outsource and HR. As model: HSBC Bank has redistributed their call habitats and Electronic Data Processing at India and Sri Lanka. AVIVA Insurance re-appropriated their call places at India and Sri Lanka. IBM has redistribute business Transformation framework and client contact work [call centres] at India 1.1 Outsourcing Redistributing can be characterized as contact between two organizations to offer types of assistance which may somehow or another be performed by in-house workers. In todays world there is pattern of redistributing .Many global organizations are currently re-appropriated different degree of occupations, as model, for example, call focus administrations, finance the executives mail administration help. These redistributed employments are taken care of by organizations who have skilful works who practice to give in administrations which are situated outside the nation of origin. In today business world Outsourcings has become most recent pattern which is getting progressively normal in data innovation field. 1.2 Reasons for Outsourcings There are different purposes for outsourcings. Following area will depict the purposes behind redistributing: Improve Goal Congruence Redistributing permit the board to make consideration on the fundamental or center business issues related with addressing client needs and keeping up everyday issues. Outsourcings Allow To Access World-Class Capabilities Every documentation is specialization in their own center exercises. Ex: Qualitative work India. Advance innovation China and Japan. Redistributing permit to get to world-class capacities, including inventive innovation, etc Offer Risks With Different Peoples Redistributing permits the executives spread certain degree of dangers as model interest inconstancy and capital ventures. Supplier Free Resources for non center exercises Re-appropriating permitting association to focus on non center exercises and it permit to allot those free assets among different exercises Lessening Cost By Economic Of Scale Re-appropriating permits association to offer types of assistance at lower cost structure, which came about because of economies of scale. Lessening cost is the most enticing purposes behind redistributing. Permit To Use Resources Not Internally Accessible Redistributing is most best open door for organizations that can possibly quick development, venture into another topography region , or side projects . Redistributing Allow to utilize Resources not inside available Permit To Mange Functions Are Difficult Control issues are a one of significant explanation behind redistributing. Be that as it may, chiefs need to discover fundamental foundations for troubles as opposed to re-appropriating Despite the fact that there are different purpose for re-appropriating , capacity of acquiring cost points of interest is The primary target of re-appropriating is, But parcel of associations are neglect to understand any cost focal points got from re-appropriating. The renowned venture organization Gartner is prescient that in 2009, 80% of associations re-appropriated by having essential objective of coat slicing bit they can't accomplish their essential objective of cost cutting, in light of the fact that there are different shrouded cost of re-appropriating. For example, redistributing organizations have elevated level of staff turnover rates than different associations ,Normally it is high as 80% 100%, cost of losing customer because of increments of disappointment. Along these lines re-appropriating must be completely observed. Can without much of a stretch fizzle. 1.3 Different Types of Outsourcing Redistributing can be distinctive sort. Following area exhibit the various kinds of re-appropriating 1. BPO Business Process Outsourcing BPO is the contact between two organizations to deal with business exercises for another association. The large organizations in creating nations, .for example, USA, UK,Australian and so forth.., re-appropriating their back office capacity to India to get cost focal points and quality administrations. E.g.HSBC and IBM redistributed its representative finance, information passage, voice calling exercises to India 2. LPO lawful procedure re-appropriating LPO is the contact between two organizations to process lawful exercises, for example, patent application drafting, lawful research, etc. 3. RPO Research Process Outsourcing. This is most acclaimed re-appropriating technique in the biotech business. Clients re-appropriate their RD work to outside gatherings. RPO additionally represents Recruitment Process Outsourcing. 4. HRO Human Resource Outsourcing. HR the executives include preparing, staffing, finance the executives and so forth. These exercises are redistributed by outer organizations that are found abroad. Ex In the US showcase, HRM redistributing is an immense territory. The sum counter for HR re-appropriating is 29-30% of the absolute re-appropriating 5. MBPO Medical Business Process Outsourcing. 2.0 Call Centers Outsourcing The call community industry contains 80% of the all out re-appropriating industry on the planet. that is the reason typically redistributing allude and known as call focus re-appropriating . A call place re-appropriating is that outside gathering plays out the piece of a customers business which taking care of calls. Redistributed call place handle client grievances via phone. Call fixates really start on as plain supplier email reaction and overseeing administrations. In any case, in todays world re-appropriated has been saved in huge region. it cook immense territories, ,for example, offering specialized help via telephone, dealing with client connections , course of action of movement administrations, , give instructive meeting , client care help , money related administrations, and give online business to client care Two distinct words go along with redistributing, that is BPO and Call centre.Call focus can be expressed as a BPO association. A Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) association which is liable for playing out a procedure or a piece of a procedure of another business association. Call focuses can be redistributed to following capacities Call jogs can be isolated into significant two sections Inbound contact place Inbound contact community mostly incorporates client arranged administrations, for example, give client help, deals requests help, investigating arrangements, and Mastercard process. Outbound call place. An inbound call community actualizes client benefits just as it turned out to be live agent to give extraordinary fulfillment to its client and improve the exhibition of the association. 3.0 Benefits 0f Outsourcing to The Host Country This area will talked about Benefits of redistributing call focuses to the host nation. Current pattern in the call community redistribute advertise is the Asian nations. That is parcel of call focuses are situated in Asian Countries, for example, India, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippine, etc. in re-appropriated advertise, India is the market chief in the universal re-appropriated by snatching large piece of the pie which is more than 80 %.this is essentially because of its well familiar English talking talented workforce and low degree of compensation extend when contrast with created nations pay run. India pay go is 80% lower than creating nations like USA, UK, etc .Other plausible areas for off shoring in Asia incorporate China and the Philippines, Sri Lanka .this will additionally explained by utilizing outline [Figure 1] HSBC has one likely arrangement to open entirely claimed BPO auxiliary known as HSBC Electronic Data Center in Kolkata, India,which forecated to utilized 2,000 staff taking a shot at back-office tasks, HSBC has another BPO at Naina Lal Kidwai India, , has utilize 2,000 staff HSBC is spreading the system of handling focuses by starting another business procedure redistributing focus in Sri Lanka to give information preparing and client support offices for the banks worldwide activities. The new focus at Colombo Aviva has plan improve 5,000 work openings corresponding to business process redistribute (BPO) benefits in India and Sri Lanka Figure 1: Distribution of Outsourcing Operation Is re-appropriating alluring or bothersome? It is as yet easy to refute. Redistributing gives different advantages to the nations of origin which is business is endeavors just as the nation where administrations are being or will be given (Host Country). This task is fundamentally founded on redistribute call focus in India. India is one of the universes driving suppliers of call focus administrations .India is the most preferred IT/BPO goal of the world. There are bunches of the huge MNCs everywhere throughout the world are keen on redistributing their tasks in India. This report will talk about the advantages of re-appropriating to have nation. To build up this report India is consider as home nation Why India is chosen for re-appropriating? The appropriate response is straight forward. India is full with huge capable work powers. India delivers the biggest number of graduates on the planet. This lead to improve talented work powers in India. Call focus Outsourcing offers numerous favorable circumstances to the nation where the administrations are being given can be examine as follows: 1. Improve Economic Growth of Host Country Call focus Outsourcing brings cost focal points and increment in benefits in macroeconomic terms to both home nations which business endeavors just as host nation benefits in different viewpoints. During most recent couple of years India has accomplished colossal development rate by contributing administrations of off shoring. As indicated by statistical surveying, India has been profited incredibly from development in this outsorcing territory and the pace of development is over the desire level. In the monetary year that finished March 2010, Indias IT industry and outsourc

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Bens Seventh Semi-Annual QA

Bens Seventh Semi-Annual QA Answers to questions received through 4PM on 01/09/06 - Many people wrote in with concerns about the application tracking portlet. Please dont worry, and theres no need to call the office for at least another week or two we are inundated with mail at the moment. - A few people wrote in asking if I accept personal email and what my email address is. If your question is a general one, I prefer that you post it to my blog so that others will benefit from the answer. If your question is very specific to your case, you may email me at benjones at the mit domain (mit.edu), but please dont email me with any variations of what are my chances questions. I simply cant answer them on a case-by-case basis, because until Im in the committee room with the rest of my colleagues, with your entire application spread out before us in the context of the entire applicant pool I honestly dont have any idea what your chances are. (Unless you have a bunch of Ds, in which case you can probably figure it out on your own.) - Romola wrote: I am about to take the SAT II subject tests, is it possible to take the test in two science subjects (i.e Physics Chemistry) and one math subject in either level I or II? Yes, that is totally fine. You need one in math, one in science, and a third in any area of your choosing (including another math or science). - SpeckJr wrote: Im definitely sending in some supplementary material to let my personality really come through (nothing like my essay). Is it possible to really be too honest? How far should I really go into expressing who I am? Like, where do they start to go, Now thats just weird and immature? Its possible to be too honest, yes. :-) Ive seen this in a few cases (oh how I wish I could share the details here, but Id get fired). My advice would be this: dont be too risky, but also dont be too safe. You want to make us notice you, make us feel something, make us laugh, connect with us. But you dont want to give us reason for pause either. I know this is a vague answer; I just cant think of a way to really answer it. At the end of the day, you really just need to trust your own instinct. - Sushant wrote: For the SATI, on the application, the writing section is said to be optional. Does this mean that it will not be considered as much as the critical reading and math scores (especially if it is lower than the others)? Or is that for applicants who took the old SATI? See answer to Irinas very similar question in my QA #5, about 1/3 of the way down the page. - Dhrubo wrote: I have dispatched my app materials via DHL on 23rd December. I heard them DHL people saying that the stuff would easily make it to MIT before 31st, but asked whether there will be somebody to recieve it? I know this answer is late, but rest assured that the records team worked all through the holidays to receive and process the large volume of mail. - Warren wrote: Im confused about sending SAT scores to colleges. I intially thought that they are submitted electronically, and waited perhaps too late to send them out. The collegeboard website says 3-5 weeks, Im guessing this is just for the letter/written version. But a feeling of anxiety exists in me that my scores wont get where they need to go if I sent them today (via internet). Is this anxiety misplaced? Does MIT get scores electronically? We do get scores electronically, and since apparently we can take scores from the January 28 tests, I dont think you have anything to worry about. :-) - Mohan wrote: I am an international applicant. I dont know either about SAT or toefl untill I completed my 12th. In june or july i came to know of sat and descided to take a chance for this year as these may lead to a brilliant future although I recieved admissions in the local universities. My scores in maths level II c, physics, chem 720/660/700. my score in toefl is 247. I am taking my SAT in jan as my scores in nov are very poor. I am sure that i would recieve a very good score in this sat, because last SAT is taken with just a 15 days preperation and toefl with a 10 day prep and these tests are totally of new shape of what I had been taking all these years. Please tell me whether the score in toefl and sat II will help me? I cannot again afford to take toefl as time is a factor. All of your scores are competitive but I do always feel compelled to remind everyone that its never the numbers alone that get you in to a place like MIT. - Rizwan Naveed wrote: Ive been playing guitar for like three years, and Ill probably carry my axe to the grave with me:) Im completely self taught with little knowledge of music theory :P Anyways, I have this old video of a gig I did in our High school. The music was not Beethoven or anything, but I personally think we rocked. The videos a bit shaky, but I think the sound comes out fine. Should I send the Video as supplemental material?! By the way, Im planning on studying electrical engineering, but I think this particular passion hasnt surfaced elsewhere on my application. Should I send a cd containing the video? And is it appropriate if I answer the optional essay for question fourteen with a song I wrote (WITHOUT any explanation)? And btw, I think a rocker for an admissions officer is the coolest thing I ever heard. You kick * man. Hehe, well thanks for that last line, but I only play music in a band to make enough money to support my admissions habit. :-) :-) :-) (Oh, if that were only the case) The video would be an awesome supplement, especially if you can put it onto a CD or DVD for ease of viewing on a computer. And I think a song youve written is a great use of question 14. - Sebastian wrote: I just immigrated to the US with my family, and I dont have a high school diploma from any US school. Im planning on taking APs and enrolling at a shool for that purpose (Calc AB, Calc BC, Physics C and maybe Art or Lit) Ill be taking the SATs and also the TOEFL. The idea is to prove I am a qualified student for MIT, but im not sure id I really need a High School diploma. Should I just take the APs? (Im sure I would get outstanding grades.) You dont need a high school diploma to enroll at MIT, just appropriate evidence of academic preparation. Sounds like youre going to have that covered. - George wrote: Do you only get supplemental materials by mail or is it possible for me to e-mail less than 1MB of sound files? Its a small sample of my guitar playing. Sound files will need to be sent in by mail so that they get placed into your file for your readers. If you sent them via email, wed have to burn a CD for your folder, and unfortunately we dont have the staff to handle this level of production for thousands of applicants. :-) - The Greatest wrote: I am applying to MIT as a Freshman for the 2nd time in a row. I sent 3 letters of recommendation with my last application. I have found one teacher to write me a new letter for my reapplication, but do I need to find another one, because that would just be the same as the one I sent last year? You can reuse one of last years, but Id let the committee know that this is your intention so that we dont think one is missing. You can do this via [emailprotected] - Jason wrote: I took the Math Level 2 Subject Test and scored an 800, but have never taken the Math Level 1 Subject Test. Should I now take Level 1? Nope, youre all set. - Sly wrote: i sent an email to [emailprotected] about an application i sent but i never got a reply. I posted them in november but they havent been ticked on my application tracking. How can i get to know when it has arrived? Can you suggest what i can do if it doesnt arrive before the deadline? See above were very backed up. I would not worry about it for at least a week or two. - Anonymous wrote: I did my TOEFL in April and my SAT 1 in June. Both these tests have not been processed in My MyMIT account. This really worries me because my SAT 2 (which I did in DECEMBER!!) has already been processed. Whats the problem, could you help me in any way? My scool report and teacher recomendations are also not processed even though I made sure they were sent in early December. Do I need to get them sent again? I hope not because this is a real problem for me, getting them in the first place was difficult. Does it take longer to process things for international applicants. Dont worry about the stuff you sent in December, but tests that you took in the spring/summer *should* have reached us long before now. Are you sure you instructed the scores to be sent to MIT? I would check with the testing services to be sure that the scores were sent to us. If they were, contact our office with this information. - Andrew wrote: Firstly, I was wondering if you are familiar with the tertiary entry ranking systems in place in the various states of Australia. More to the point, if I sent my tertiary entrance certificate and rank (Im from Queensland, Australia), do I also need to enclose an explanation of the system or a link to a webpage with an explanation. Secondly, I recently reevaluated my MIT application and I felt it does not do justice to my personality and who I am as a person. So I was wondering if it would be wise to include a reference from a friend. (The reference was quite specific to a particular event.) We are indeed familiar with the various international school systems. That said, it never hurts to enclose an explanation (or a link thereto) in your application. At this point, you could email it to [emailprotected] And you are welcome to enclose a reference from a friend if you feel it will add additional significant context to your application. - Prashant wrote: I have sent some supplementary material (a bit via post like some pictures i took, because photography is my hobby) and some programs over email. How much do the admissions officers consider this supplementary material? And how does that assist you all in making a decision? I mean, if the programs and pictures etc. arent truly out-of-this-world or ground-breaking, but pretty solid and display a genuine interest in the activity, can they ruin a persons application? I ask you this, because I heard one guy discouraging me from sending stuff, saying that the admissions guys will laugh at you if you send xyz material. I know there arent any fixed percentages, but in comparison to things like standardized tests, grades, essays, recommendations and interviews, how important are the extra materials? With a few rare exceptions, Id say that supplemental materials can really only help you or at minimum have no effect, but really cant hurt you. The admissions committee wouldnt laugh at you or hold it against you if we werent impressed by your submissions if anything wed admire your interest and dedication and say great start, but keep practicing! :-) - Hossein wrote: I was wondering what aspects MIT looks at its students. I have not taken my SATs or SAT II yet but I usually dont do all that well on multiple choice and standardized tests. I am at the top of my math class but I just seem to do poorly when it comes to those tests. Also, Ive been taking classes at my local college since i was very young and was wondering if I sent in my transcript, would you guys look at it just to see my motivation and consider that a factor since most the classes arent transferable to MIT. And one last question. I go to a high school with a high level of competition in grades within our classes but lack of extracurricular academic programs. Anyways, because of the competition the teachers have changed the structure so in classes especially math, the top grades in my class at least, are around a low A or A-, however some teachers have different structures allowing for higher grades. I was wondering if MIT would be aware of this at admission to show le niancy and not punish applicants for the high school or teacher they have. You should aim to do as well as you can on your standardized tests but dont agonize over them they are only one component of a very large application. You should definitely send in a transcript from your local college and any other academic pursuits that you have undertaken. We feel confident that we know the profiles, reputations, and rigor of schools very well, however it is difficult to know within a given school what the individual teachers are like. If this is of concern to you, you should discuss it with your guidance counselor generally when we are made aware of such things, it is within the GC report. - Anonymous wrote: Does this mean the adcom starts looking at apps 2morrow, or today? (written on 1/2/05) It takes a few days before individual folders are complete and ready to be read. I believe the first folders were released to the readers on Wednesday (1/4/05). - Me? wrote: Im on one of the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams, so you guys obviously know a lot about this. Would you think it could be beneficial for me to send in a newspaper article (front page :)) where I was one of the main people interview? Would this just be considered an annoyance, as you guys already know so much about it? This certainly couldnt hurt, and might be pretty cool. :-) - Seth wrote: Hi, my name is Seth and I did not apply to MIT. I have never been great at math and have never taken a math SAT II; therefore I cannot apply. My question is, and I am not sure whether this can be answered, why is MITs philosophy to discriminate who can apply based on demonstrated mathematical and scientific aptitude? MIT also has social science programs; is it possible that a student could highly contribute to those programs without having the inclination to spend their lives as a research scientist? Really my root question is probably too broad and multi-faceted to have a satisfying answer. Ultimately I am wondering why, if education at elite colleges is so fantastic, so unequivocally better than an education at a less prestigious name, should admission be so limited. IF MIT really offers an unparalleled education, then selectivity seems to deny the chance to many who would intellectual contribute and participate as much as any admitted applicant. I guess that as Harvard , Yale, Princeton, and MIT all steadily inch towards single digit acceptances, all of the motivated and passionate students not offered a spot will attend supposedly lesser institutions, and once they get over the prestige, realize that the admissions process has become so upended and unbalanced that the idea of one school being better than another has lost meaning. But Im interested in what you think. Hundreds of thousands of high school students have motivation, intellectual passion; some are better able to demonstrate it on an application than others. How do you define intellectual curiosity? How do you find it among all the data? How do you distinguish one curiosity as being superior to another? What do As in an application mean to you? Why do you want students to have an aptitude for math and science? Why do you want students to have an aptitude for test taking? Thanks for this, seth, there are a bunch of great questions here. First, about the emphasis on math and science The answer is rather simple every MIT student, regardless of major, must complete the General Institute Requirements (GIRs) which include a significant amount of math, physics, bio, and chem. Students who havent demonstrated a propensity for these subjects in high school generally run into trouble here. Why do we have the GIRs in the first place? Were a technology school whose culture is and always has been heavily influenced by science and math. Its just who we are. As for your other question, you certainly wont find me saying that education is better at these elite colleges than it is anywhere else in fact youll find me saying the complete opposite in many places on this blog (here for example). There are hundreds of phenomenal schools out there; MIT, Stanford, and the Ivies are just a few of the many. I attended a supposedly lesser institution and would argue to the te eth that I got a better education than I could have at any Ivy it was a perfect match for me and none of the Ivies would have been. As Ive said before, dont get caught up in the names, folks youll sacrifice options that you shouldnt be sacrificing. - Anonymous wrote: I had my research mentor send in a recommendation directly, but I forgot to ask her to write my name and birthdate explicitly. I mean, obviously she will have written my name in the recommendation, but she hasnt written my birthdate. Should I ask her to submit another letter of recommendation with my birthdate? Also, how can I make sure the supplemental recommendation has reached MIT? Can I call them up, or should I just have faith that it reached? I wouldnt worry about it it likely wont be a problem. If you want, you can call our office in a few weeks to confirm. :-) - Prashant wrote: Ive sent certain extra materials via email and via post, along with the rest of the application material. The thing is, I sent the email just a couple of days before the deadline. How can I be certain that all my stuff has reached you guys? Give it a few weeks and then give us a call if you like. - Wish wrote: I sent my application over from France by regular mail, not ups or something like that. Should I worry that it doesnt say on my MyMIT account that the final parts I send have been received? Nope, dont worry. (See above for mail issues.) - Jessica wrote: Do you think it is possible for an applicant to send in too many supplementary materials? For example, a music recording on top of two athletic recommendations. Is it an advantage to be well-rounded and able to contribute to many parts of MITs community? If the supplemental recs start repeating themselves (i.e. not adding any additional context) then thats not really a good use of your readers time. If they each provide different insights, however, then that is valuable. Its always good to contribute to multiple parts of a community, but Id say that quality is more important than quantity. Get involved and be passionate; just be careful not to spread yourself too thin! :-) - Jia wrote: I have already submitted my application on the web. Please note that there is a mistake on my transcript. That shows that I only have 50 hours of community service. In reality, I volunteered for over 500 hrs and have met the requirement for the Presidential Community Service Award. Thats my fault. I forgot to submit my social work sheet to school on time. In the Midyear School Report from my school, it will show that my actual community services time is 508 hours. I feels so bad about it. Do I need to write a letter to admission office to explain this? You dont have to, but I would. Thats a significant difference and 500 hours is quite impressive. A quick note to [emailprotected] will correct this and ensure that your readers know the full impact of your participation. - Anonymous wrote: My school sends recs + transcripts + school report in one package, but only my recs are processed! Why?!! Different parts are processed at different times; fear not. - SyRx wrote: Im an international student (foreign school system) and I was wondering whether I have to send in a Mid-Year Report. One of MITs application brochures says I dont have to, but I just wanted to clear the matter up since the Online Application Tracking has a checkbox for the Mid-Year Rep too. Please advise. International applicants do not need to submit a midyear grade report. The MyMIT app tracking portlet doesnt differentiate between domestic and international applicants thus the unchecked box. Sorry for any confusion! - Linda wrote: On the online tracking page, it lists both my teacher recommendations as Not Processed, but they both swear they sent it in two weeks ago. Who should I talk to? What should I do? Fear not (see above). :-) - Virzhiniya wrote: I am worried about my fee waiver. I sent it along with other application materials in December. MyMIT shows me that all my application materials are received and processed except for my fee waiver. It is a letter I wrote with my college counselors signature to verify my financial difficulty. Im worried whether the admissions office will accept this kind of a fee waiver. If there is something wrong with it, or if it lost, could you notify me so that I can send a new one? Youll need to call our office to verify that it has been processed. Be sure to mention fee waiver when you call so that you are placed in touch with the person who processes them. - Phil wrote: On my application, I included some info about my musical interests. Rather than send in a CD with a few of my home recordings on it, I put a link to my purevolume site in my essays. Is this a smart move? Will the admissions staff really go to the trouble of typing in my URL? Probably a petty worry, but hey, its one of my biggest passions so I want to make sure you all get to see it. Most readers would check out a URL, however it cant be guaranteed that all readers will have internet access when reading. If you want to be 100% confident, you may wish to mail in a CD. - Anonymous wrote: Can i send additional material direct to your email? Or do I have to send it to the undergrad office, I have had many emails go unheeded by the actual office. Additional materials should always be sent to [emailprotected] They cant always respond to every email of this nature, but you can be confident that all materials will be placed in the proper application folder assuming youve included your full name and birthdate.

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How Bad For The Environment Is Burning Wood On Fire

HOW BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT IS BURNING WOOD ON A FIRE Burning wood on fire when done inappropriately can have adverse environmental effects or concerns as stipulated below; Carbon Footprint A carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon a particular activity (in this case wood burning) subtracts or adds to the environment. With regards to carbon, burning wood on fire has almost neutral effects. This is due to the fact that trees remove carbon from the environment as they grow. When they are burnt, they release the same carbon into the environment therefore completing the carbon cycle. The advantage trees pose is that they are a renewable source of energy since they regrow to reclaim air carbon and to replace the already cut or burnt down trees. Besides releasing carbon on burning, trees also release it during rotting and decomposition process. The only difference is that, the form of oxidation during burning is regarded as rapid compared to the slower oxidation during decomposition If consideration is based on gas and oil used in tree harvesting, then carbon foot print will not be entirely neutral. A lot of particulate matter released into the atmosphere becomes a major concern, a reason why is advised to use burning stoves that are certified or the ones that are well maintained. Certified and well maintained stoves are known to burn wood more efficiently and cleanly. Wood to be burnt should also be properly dried so as to minimize smoke and particulate outputs. If thisShow MoreRelatedA Brief Note On The National Fire Protection Association1039 Words   |  5 Pagesto prevent the spread of fire. The National Fire Protection Association or NFPA were making stronger codes and stricter standers for homes. Today they are still in effect, but a fire in today’s home can spread five times quicker. The reason why today’s home catches on fire quicker is how the house is made of, the house layout, the furniture in the home, and how to prevent such a fire. In 1970’s homes were not made with engineered lumber. Engineered lumber is made from wood, chips, sawdust and glueRead MoreThe Effects Of Air Pollution On The Central Valley Essay1572 Words   |  7 Pagesamount of agriculture that is produced here. Many people go through their daily activities without thinking about how they are harming not only the environment but also the health and well being of humans. The cause of air pollution is not only due to natural events like volcanoes and wildfires but is mostly contributed to human activities. These include use of gases, the burning of wood, power generation, driving, the use of household and farming chemicals, and more! (Lad, 2016) Air pollution is interconnectedRead MoreThe Effects Of Peat Land On The Environment, Politics, And Law And International Issues1318 Words   |  6 Pagesimpact on economic, environment, politics and law and international issues. The investigations will be focusing on peat land problems in Indonesia . 2. Explanation of the Peat Land Fire Peat land in Indonesia performs a range of environmental and social functions. Equally important, peat land really useful sources for human, animal, and plant. It can be utilized as animal and plant host. For local people, peat land can provide vital resources and supplying clean waters. In fact, fires is not a somethingRead MoreFirefighter Safety Essay1187 Words   |  5 Pageswore ten years ago and we still lose an average of one hundred firefighters every year. I know that not all are dying in structure fires but just one is one too many. Today we have many of our guys who like to push the envelop. Our gear is the best and it will protect us in any kind of conditions. But is still has limits. You may be protected from the heat and fire to an extent but you can only go as far as the SCBA will let you. You are going to run out of air sooner or later. Years ago theRead MoreEnvironmental Pollution is Causing Serious and Lasting Damage to the Earth1417 Words   |  6 Pagespollution for examples, cars, and pesticides. However, it is very difficult for people to give up on technology, since they are very used of using every day that makes it challenging to protect the environment. It is a similar story â€Å"Our Animal Rites† by Anna Quindlen, shows how nature is harmed because of how human are taking over the wildlife area. In India, many people had to face problems with water because water was very limited to people. In addition, the underground water they get was very unsafeRead MoreHow We Are Affected by P eoples Views of Nature871 Words   |  3 PagesHow people’s views of nature have changed over time in the United States of America and how it has affected us is a great question. Looking back through history makes it simple to answer this question. People have very different opinions on to what their answer would be. Reading Out of the Woods edited by Char Miller and Hal Rothman, Dust Bowl: The Southern Plains in the 1930s by Donald Worstter, Nature’s Metropolis: Chicago and the Great West by William Cronon, The Ecological Indian by Shepard KrechRead MoreIs Peanut Butter On Your Toast?1621 Words   |  7 Pagesargument in a book, such as Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This award winning book’s story is set in the future where firemen sets fire on books because apparently, in the future, books are banned. One day, Guy Montag, a firemen, meets a peculiar girl called Clarisse McClellan who causes Montag to open up his eyes and and make him wonder if books weren t that bad, which results in Montag stealing a book while doing his job. One of this dystopian book’s controversy is that if it’s a bliss if a personRead MoreAir Pollution Essay1322 Words   |  6 Pagespollution, but it is not enough to reduce it if consumers do not take actions in helping the environment that we live. The United States population is growing which means that more cars are going to be driven. With the greenhouse gases and aerosols releasing into the air from human activities the amount of radiation coming in and releasing into the atmosphere can result in climate changes to the environment. Indoors can be a safe way to avoid the outdoor pollutant of gas emissions from small businessesRead MoreCarbon Monoxide Poisoning Essay1514 Words   |  7 Pagespain, bewilderment, loss of strength, and issues with sight. Depending on a person’s health, age, and how long they may have been exposed prior to seeking medical attention, carbon monoxide affects people in different ways. Newborns, toddlers, elderly, and people already suffering from coronary disease or lung disease are more at risk for developing carbon monoxide poisoning. If a person has a bad heart prior to being exposed to carbon monoxide, it is more likely that they will be at HarrisonRead MoreMedical Uses of Marijuana1428 Words   |  6 Pagespoor fibers, and has high THC concentration in its buds. Hemp plants, Mary Janes brothers, are distinguished by towering over thirteen feet high, poor production of THC, and exceptionally strong fibers. Hemp is a largely ignored plant because of the bad rap that its sister gets as a vice, generated by energy, legal and illegal drug, and paper industries; all of these industries are threatened by the industrialization of marijuana. I ask you to now read on to what I have to say with an open mind and

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Descriptive Essay on Why Many People Have Pets

Descriptive Essay on Why Many People Have Pets Why Do Many People Have Pets? People decide to buy pets in different situations and for different reasons. Each purchase of pet has its own history and emotions behind, which is also very interesting feature of this reality. I will try to describe the most wide-spread situations and understand the major motives that drive people towards the purchase. Some people want to make new friends so as not be alone. They usually have not very sociable character, or just get into situation when their friends are far away, for instance, when moving to another city or country. In case of elderly people, they also get pets not to feel alone, as their children have already grown up and moved away. This motive is rather clear, to my mind, as a human cannot live outside society – he is either its part, or a loner, who, actually, usually has some pets as company. Another reason for buying pets is the necessity to care about someone. It is another interesting peculiarity of human psychology, and it originates from people’s desire to feel that he is needed and valued by someone. On the whole, it is one of the main missions of people– to bring new life into this world and care about it. But children grow so quickly that people satisfy this need only for about 15 years for each child, which is only a small part of our lives. And pets in this situation can be a perfect option. Besides, a lot of people just like pets – the way they look, behave and love their owners. Almost each person has his own favorite pet; tastes differ, but the motives are still the same. Of course, there are

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Legal Forms of Business Paper Free Essays

Legal Forms of Business Paper Law/531 June 3rd, 2011 University of Phoenix Legal Forms of Business Paper Selecting the best form of operating a business depends on the type of business the owner wants to run. The owners have to pick the structure that best meets their needs. â€Å"The selection depends on many factors, including the ease and cost of formation, the capital requirements of the business, the flexibility of management decisions, government restrictions, personal liability, tax considerations, and the like† (Henry Cheeseman, 210, p. We will write a custom essay sample on Legal Forms of Business Paper or any similar topic only for you Order Now 529) Moreover, choosing the right form to run a business will also determine how the business is organized, how the cash flow is, and how the business is taxed. â€Å"The most common forms of business organization are: sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnerships, limited liability company, and corporation† (Henry Cheeseman, 210, p. 529). According to the situation given, the best form is limited partnership. Limited partnership refers to the types of owners the business will have, general (managers) and limited partners (investors). In this sense, Monica, and Susan will be the managers of the businesses because they both will operate the business with their skills, Susan with her computer graphics skills and Monica with her marketing skills. Whereas Vic will be the investor providing some capital to run the business, she will not be part of management; Vic will act as a passive investor. In limited partnership, managers have unlimited liability and the investors have liability to up the amount of their capital contributions. General partners will control everyday activities in the business. Monica and Susan will be responsible of the business debts as well. Despite, limited partnership is more complex than general partnership; this is the best form to meet Vic’s, Monica’s and Susan’s needs. Vic will have limited personal liability for business debts as long as she will not participate in management. Monica and Susan will have the possibility of raising money without involving outside investors once they can incorporate enough money to run the business by themselves. Sole proprietorship was precluded because the business will be run by Monica and Susan because they have the necessary skills to be successful entrepreneurs. In this scenario, Vic will provide capital and will take a passive role in managing the business, she sill obtain profits because of her involvement in the business. For not facing some problems among them, they will have to reach an agreement generally written to state how shares will be handled; this is common called a limited partnership agreement. â€Å"This agreement sets forth the rights and duties of the general and limited partners; the terms and conditions regarding the operations, termination, and dissolution of the partnership; and so on† (Henry Cheeseman, 210, p. 547). The limited partnership agreement will set forth the transactions that managers and investors can approve. This document also states the how earnings and losses will be distributed among the partners. Limited partners have also the right of being informed by general managers about the business performance and the business financial status. If Susan or Monica wants to admit a new partner, the new candidate to operate the business can be included if Vic approves this, unless the agreement document states otherwise. Limited partnership is easy to set up, and to appeal investors as limited partners. This agreement is good to set arrangements for general partners to use their skills, and to decision-making regarding the business. Limited partners can drop the business without the need for the limited partner to be dissolved. The business form of corporation was not selected because of the process of forming a corporation takes time and money, compared with the rest business forms. Corporations are often audited by the government and have to deal with more paperwork to comply with the regulations of the states in which the business will run. Also, in corporations dividends paid o shareholders are not deductible from the business income; it may turn out taxing this income twice. Corporation is a business form more expensive to create than sole proprietorship or partnership. There is more paperwork in corporation than other forms of business. Corporation carries several tax disadvantages, and pays taxes on its own income. Whereas limited liability partnership was not chosen because of the disadvantages it offers for this kind of business that Vic, Susan, and Monica want to run. Limited liability partnership is more expensive to create and to maintain than sole proprietorship and partnership. In this form of business if one partner leaves, the business is dissolved. Limited partnership is a good method for Vic, Susan, and Monica to use the limited partnership as a form of business because of the advantages it presents for their good. Through this business form, they can share the profits with a minimum of effort. This form is also easy to attract investors. Monica and Susan can raise additional capital because of the liability of limited partners. There is also less paperwork, and it is easier to manage than corporation. Selecting the best form of business is a strategic decision that entrepreneurs face. This is an important decision because of the implications it brings to the business, regarding its ongoing legal and tax consequences. The best form of business will depend on the business goals and many other factors with big impact on the business performance. Choosing the legal form is crucial to determine the organization and performance of any kind of business. Entrepreneurs must measure the pros and cons before undertaking any businesses. Word count: 901 Reference Cheeseman, H. (2010). Business Law (7th ed. ). Colorado, DE: Prentice Hall. How to cite Legal Forms of Business Paper, Papers

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ICT in Business Operation of Travel Agency-Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: How to usage of ICT in Business Operation of Travel Agency? Answer: Introducation The Internet and ICTs are pertinent on all agents, auxiliary, vital and advertising levels to encourage worldwide communication among providers, mediators and purchasers round the globe. The ideas and meanings of the important terms identified with the ICTs and the Internet will be given in this article. This article will highlight the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in travel agencies for business operations. This article features e - tourism which mirrors the digital form of all processes and value chains in the travel, tourism, accommodation and cooking enterprises (Aghaei, Nematbakhsh Farsani, 2012); e-tourism plans the intensity of the affiliations by exploring intranets for revamping inner processes, extranets for developing exchanges with put stock in collaborator and the Internet for communicating with each and every one of its customers and partners. The e-tourism plan involves all business capabilities like e-commerce, e-finance, e-procurement, e-marketing and e-accounting, e-production and also e-planning, e-strategy and e-management for all sectors of the travel and tourism business, involving tourism, principals, recreation, travel, transport, open segment involvements, friendliness and go-betweens. The article similarly grandstands that principals use CRSs to deal with their stock and disseminate their ability and additionally to deal with the uncommon development of worldwide tourism (PhoCusWright, 2012). Carriers spearheaded this innovation, in spite of the fact that inn networks and visit administrators took after by creating unified reservation frameworks. CRSs can be described as the "flow framework" of the tourism item. The article also incorporates that aircraft CRSs formed into GDSs by bit by bit developing their geological opportunities and in addition by comprehending both precisely, with other bearer frameworks, and vertically via adjoining the entire opportunities of principals, for instance- ship ticketing, settlement, amusement, auto rentals and various arrangements (Ashari, Heidari Parvaresh, 2014). As per the author, go-betweens assume an essential portion in the business via offering some incentive - added exercises and regulations to merchants, purchasers. The most surely understood mediators in real world are retailers and wholesalers. Basically, middle people of the tour and travel business have been inbound and outbound travel agencies (Aghaei, Nematbakhsh Farsani, 2012). In any case, the Internet regenerates the entire tour and travel value chain, constraining the modern mediators to take up the new way and to develop relevant plans of action. According to author, ICTs are indispensable apparatuses for travel agencies as they give data and reservation offices and bolster the intermediation amongst purchasers and principals. travel agencies work different reservation frameworks, which mostly empower them to check accessibility and reserve a spot for tourism items (Bern et al., 2015). As of not long ago GDSs have been basic for business travel agencies to get to data and reserve a spot on booked aircrafts, inn networks, auto rentals and an assortment of auxiliary administrations. GDSs help develop muddled agendas, while they give forward calendars, costs and accessibility data, and a compelling reservation strategy. Likewise, they offered inward administration modules incorporating the "back office" and "front office". Numerous travel agencies specifically encounter more advantages by accomplishing better coordination and control between their remote branches and central station (Opara Onyije, 2013). Exchanges can give impo rtant information to budgetary and operational control and in addition for promoting research, which can examine the market variances and enhance strategic choices. The coordinated research demonstrates tourism area is especially vulnerable to the utilization of ICT apparatuses. The led inquire about demonstrates the distinctions in the watched points of interest and boundaries for ICT usage by tourism undertakings, which may speak to the impact of both the particular idea of performed exercises and the offered item. References Aghaei, S., Nematbakhsh, M.A. Farsani, H.K. (2012). Evolution of the World Wide Web: from Web 1.0 to Web 4.0. International Journal of Web Semantic Technology, 3 (1): 110. Ashari, H.A., Heidari, M. Parvaresh, S. (2014). Improving SMTEs business performance through strategic use of information communication technology: ICT and tourism challenges and opportunities. International Journal of Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Management Sciences, 4 (3): 120. Bern, C., Garca-Gonzlez, M., Garca-Ucedac, M.E. Mgica, J.M. (2015). The effect of ICT on relationship enhancement and performance in tourism channels. tourism Management, 48 (June): 188198. Opara, J.A. Onyije, E. (2013). Information and communication technologies (ICT): a panacea to achieving effective goals in institutional administration. International Journal of Management Sciences, 1 (1): 1115. PhoCusWright (2012). Raport. Turystyka online na rynkach Europy Wschodniej. Available at:www.amadeus.com/pl/documents/aco/pl/Amadeus%20Raport%20Phocuswright%20informacja%20prasowa.pdf (accessed on 22.07. 2015.